A Time to Be Creative


I always feel honored to be able to give back to my children’s school by helping them with the décor at their Chinese auction. I worked with a group of phenomenally creative women and the results completely transformed the room. The event was headed by Mimi Goodman, Y.N.,Yehudis Tashman of Planit by Yehudis Tashman and Tamar Hauptman of The Color Lab Exclusive Painters. I had a great time creating some of the centerpieces. Creativity sure does flourish when you get to brainstorm with others!

The theme we worked with was Time and they kept the colors scheme crisp by sticking to basic black and white with a dash of green. We made different centerpieces and alternated them, giving the room a unique look.

In the center of the room, a sharp black wooden frame is used to hang these elegant custom made clock cookies. A soft white shear fabric is tied with a black ribbon as a backdrop. Four green topiaries add a dash of color to this centerpiece.

The cookies were made by Brocha Rappaport of One Smart Cookie (732-370-8464). Bracha is offering our readers 5% off your order of $50 or more with mention of estherodesign.com.

This centerpiece helped bring out the green color which we were working with. We used tall glass vases and filled them with huge leaves. This impressive look is a great idea if you are looking to keep the cost of your centerpiece down. It can be more economical than flowers! Check out the tablecloths. The bottom tablecloth was a green color with a black and white tablet on top.

It was really fun to create this centerpiece! We made it using simple embroidery hoops and glued blocks of wood to the bottom to keep them standing, using Elmer’s Wood Glue . For each centerpiece we used one 18″ Wood Quilting Hoops and two 12″ Embroidery Hoops. After the glue dried, we wrapped silk orchids and fresh leaves around the hoops using wire. Notice how they switch the tablecloths for these centerpieces. These tablecloths were white with a black and white runner.

Our final centerpiece got rave reviews! We built wooden frames and kept them raw. Hanging from the frame was 15 minute hourglasses, hanging vases (filled with fresh orchids) and an inexpensive clock. Each item was hung using clear thread. Two green topiaries on the bottom pulled the whole look together.

The “placemats” were made out of black shelf liners. Mimi-I thought that was quite brilliant!!

Since first impressions count, they spent time creating an entrance exhibit and incorporated the Hebrew possuk the theme was based on.

As you know it’s the small details that really impress, so here are a few of them!

Each attendee got a jumbo cookie in a Wax Paper Bags with a clock label.

Black and White Chevron Bags were filled with fresh popcorn so the mothers can bring something home to their children.

Even the stage (created by Tamar) centered around ‘Time’.

A backdrop that no one was able to miss!

Don’t forget the food! Not only was it delicious, but it was pleasing to the eye as well! The sushi bar was created by Sushi Express.

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Diamond Wrapped Vases

I’m always on the lookout when I walk the aisles of Stitch ‘n Sew in Lakewood N.J. Whether it be leather, organza, vinyl, taffeta, ribbons, flowers, or tulle, there is always something that catches my eye to use to enhance a project that I am working on. A while back, I was delighted to chance upon diamond wrap. Walk into any gift store and you will see that diamonds are the rage. There are many great ways that diamond wrap can be used to mimic all the so very popular sparkly giftware available (at a fraction of the cost, ofcourse). It is sold by the yard, and cuts and glues beautifully. Diamond wrap comes in a variety of elegant and funky colors and can add personality to your Simcha and party décor. Over the next few posts  we will be discussing different ways to use it. Today I will show you how to dress up your vase.


diamond wrap




1) Measure the circumference of   your  vase .

2) Measure and cut diamond wrap.

3) Use glue dots or a glue gun to hold trim in place.

How to Keep Hydrangeas Fresh

I always loved having hydrangeas around, but they never seemed to last more than a day or two before they began to wither and wilt.

Then a friend of mine showed me a  simple tip to keep these magnificient flowers looking fresh for 7-10 days (and at times up to two weeks). This picture was taken when my  flowers were 8 days old!

Erev Shavuot, as I was standing in line at the floral department at Shop-Rite, a number people remarked to me that they NEVER buy hydrangeas as they just don’t last. I shared this tip with them and would like to share it with you as well, so that you can also enjoy hydrangeas for an extended period of time.

Here we go….cut the stem to desired height and then cut an x on the bottom of the stem  so that the bottom 2-3 inches of the stem is divided in 4. Fill vase with water and place flower in vase.

Cupcake Flower Bouquet

All the flowers that grace your Shvuos table will surely be a delight to your eye, these will surely be a delight to you palette as well.  Create them at any level, simple or sophisticated; any way you make them they’re sure to be  a sensation.


  • Flower  pot (4” opening)
  • 4” styrofoam ball
  • 16 mini cupcakes
  • Small silk leaves
  • Fondant  or  frosting
  • Choice of fondant flower plunger, flower mold or pastry bag with tip (available at baking supply stores)
  • Toothpicks


I used rolled fondant for my bouquet,  however,  there are many ways to create the flower cupcakes.

Here are some suggestions:

Fondant:  Form flowers with a fondant plunger or mold. You can stick the flowers to the cupcake with a little icing or just by dabbing a little bit water on them.

Frosting:  There are many ways to make flowers using cream. Using different tips will create different flowers from roses to hydrangeas to sunflowers……You can even tint the pastry bag with food coloring to create different shades of colors in your flowers.

Place the Styrofoam  ball into the planter. Push it in to secure.

Push the toothpicks into the Styrofoam and then attach the cupcakes. (I put 9 cupcakes around the bottom,6 in the middle and one in the center.

Fill gaps with leaves.










Hanukkah Candy Menorah

I found these sleek looking shot glasses in a number of discount stores. Lined up neatly, they can create a simple, yet striking (and certainly sweet) centerpieces for your Hanukkah party.When purchasing the shot glasses, stick with something simple. The simpler the glass, the more dramatic the projects will look.

Candy Menorah

The pearl candies used in this Menorah come in a large variety of colors. Color coordinate your “Menorah” to match your partys’ color scheme.



1.Layer candy pearls in shot glasses.

2.Using kitchen shears, cut a flame shape out of the fruit slices.

3.Place flames on toothpicks and insert into the candy pearls.

4.Line up all the shot glasses in a neat row (place on tray if desired)For the “Shamash”, raise the center glass by placing it on a glass tea light holder (turned upside down).

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Hanukkah Cannoli Menorah

I love working with Presidor Cannolis. They’re simple, yet elegant and their delicious taste appeals to all ages.You will have fun while using them to create this edible menorah.You can create this menorah by putting the candles on a tray, directly on the table or for a more sophisticated look,you can have a glass cut to size to use as the base.


  • 10 Presidor Cannolis
  • Small cupcake holders
  • Baking chocolate
  • 1- 8 oz dessert whip (such as Richs Whip)
  •  2 Tbs instant vanilla pudding
  • Leaf chocolate mold to be used as flame
  • Orange royal icing ( you can purchase Wilton ready made icing)
  • Sanding sugar
  •   2″X15” piece of glass (about five dollars) – optional
  • Small square glass vase – optional
  • Glue dots – optional

Assembling the Base:

  1. Turn square vase upside down.
  2. Place a glue dot in each corner.
  3. Lay cut glass on top.
  4. Place 9 cupcake holders on the glass.

Assembling the Candles:

  1. Melt chocolate in double boiler or microwave.
  2.  To create the” shamash”, dip the rim of one cannoli in melted chocolate and attach it to the bottom of another cannoli, thereby creating a larger candle.
  3.   Dip one side of each cannoli (shamash included)in melted chocolate.
  4.  Make the flames using the chocolate mold.
  5. When chocolate is hard and ready to use, you may decorate the flames using orange royal icing and sanding sugar.

6.Allow to dry over night.

7.Place dessert whip in the bowl of your mixer and whip until firm and. Add in the  vanilla pudding.

8.Fill a pastry bag (or Freezer Ziploc) with star tip and pipe whip into candles.

9. Place flames on top of the candles.

10.Place cannolis into cupcake holders on the base.