J Create Magazine


I’m so honored to be a part of the first ever Jewish craft magazine, J CREATE .

This online magazine is the brainstorm the very talented  Abbey Wollin.Drawing from the creativity of a variety of gifted contributors, this magazine brings together a plethora of ideas perfect for everyone in the family.From recipes, to table decor, crafts and more you are sure to find something to enhance your Hanukkah, fall and winter.

Take a look and enjoy the world of J CREATE!

Fall Tree Cookies


As we are surrounded by fall’s beautiful foliage outside, how about bringing some color, creativity and fun indoors as well.

Perfect for a long Sunday afternoon – you wont  be”leaf” how much your children will enjoy creating these “tree”ts.



1.Roll out the cookie dough (1/4” thick).

2.Using the cookie cutter,  cut out the dough. (You can add some more dough to the bark of the tree to make it larger.)

If you would like to make your tree stand, use a knife to cut a straight edge on the bottom of the trunk before baking.

3. Bake the cookies and allow to cool.

4. Melt the candy melts according to the directions on the package.

5.Use a spoon to smear melted candy melts on the top part of the tree.

6. Sprinkle fruity pebbles on top. Allow to dry.

7. Melt the chocolate  in a double boiler or microwave.

8. Dip the trunk of the tree into the chocolate.

If you would like the cookie to stand on the plate, place ½ tsp of melted chocolate on the plate. Position the cookie on the melted chocolate and put a small , heavy object behind the tree to hold in place until it is completely dry.

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Tu B’shvat Dried Fruit Tree

Every year when Tu B’shvat comes around I recall with fond memories,how each year ,my mother would decorate a plastic tree with dried fuits hanging from its “branches”.Though it was “just” a plastic tree, and not exactly the most chic presentation, to me and my siblings it was the neatest thing in the world, something that made Tu B’shvat memorable! Fueled by these nostalgic feelings, I always sought out these plastic trees to present the Tu B’shvat fruits for my children, the same way.  Never succesful in locating these trees, I had all but given up on them. Well, lo and behold, this past Sunday, by the Zichron Shlomo Refuah event, my “neighbor” from the next booth Chani Vogel from NK (Natural and Kosher) Cheese, and I were discussing ideas for presenting cheese. She told me that  sometimes she sticks cheese cubes on……. plastic money trees ( there’s no such thing as a money tree… but there is the plastic kind!) the very type of tree I was looking for – and- they’re available from Amazon.(Why I didn’t check Amazon myself – I don’t know.) BTW-Natural and Kosher really makes awesome cheese!!

So here are the simple instructions, easy enough to be done by anyone in the family.

Go ahead… create your own Tu B’shvat memories!


  • Money Tree
  • Dried pineapple/kiwi discs
  • Dried apricots
  • Craisins
  • Kitchen shears

Using your kitchen shears,cut leaves out of the dried pineapple/kiwi discs.

Stick the leaves into the branches.

Cover the bottom with a layer of pineapple/kiwi discs.

Place craisins around the “bark” of the tree.

Finish off by putting the dried apricots in between the craisins and the dried pineapple/kiwi discs.

Happy Tu B’shvat!!

Fall Leaf Cookies

With the hurricane and early snow storm here in the Northeast, there is not much of fall that remains. So here is a colorful idea to create some fall foliage of your own.


  • Sugar cookie dough
  • Food coloring
  • Leaf cookie cutter


Divide cookie dough into as many colors as you would like to use.

Add a generous amount of food coloring to each part to get a deep color.

Break off small pieces from each color dough, place them next to each other and then flatten the dough with a rolling pin.

Using leaf cookie cutter, cut out your cookies.

*Tip Do not over bake as this will cause the colors to fade.