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Ice Cream Party Mishloach Manot

This adorable Mishloach Manot was sent to me by the Borensteins, using their name under the Baskin Robins logo.  The idea is so cute, you can do it even if you don’t share a name with any ice cream store! … Continue reading


Camp Theme Mishloach Manot

  This Mishloach Manot is perfect for letting everyone know that summer is on it’s way after a very long winter! The Mishloach Manot was packed in a fanny pack and contained all that was needed for a  fabulous summer away. … Continue reading


The Bowling Team Mishloach Manot

Get ready to bowl your friends over with this one! This adorable Mishloach Manot contains freshly baked cupcakes topped with chocolate bowling pins.  To recreate the look shown here, you will need a bowling pin chocolate mold. Carefully paint the … Continue reading

Mishloach Manos 2013

Megillah Mishloach Manot

The latest issue of JCreate Mag is LIVE and it’s beyond gorgeous!! When Abbey asked me to contibute an article for the Purim issue, I knew that this adorable Mishloach Manot idea would be a winner! There’s nothing like going … Continue reading


Light Bulb Mishloach Manot

Looking for a bright idea?  How about placing your Mishloach Manot into fillable light bulbs!  This idea will go great with an electrician costume. Place both bulbs in a box with a cardboard in-between to get that light bulb box look. Have … Continue reading

PicMonkey Collage

130+ Purim Costumes

My kids are debating about what to dress up like this year.  It actually changes by the hour, so we didn’t settle on anything yet.  With so many opinions, it helps to have many ideas to choose from.  I’ve started a … Continue reading


King Courier Mishloach Manot

How did Haman get the news across 120 countries?  He used couriers of course!  This Mishloach Manot goes back in time with an accent looking scroll.  To get the look, wrap parchment paper or scrapbooking paper around  a 2″ plastic tube. You can … Continue reading

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Only Kosher

While my readers were frying latkes and lighting menorahs, I was rolling up my sleeves and getting busy with Purim baskets.  I anticipate Purim all year, it lends itself to all sorts of creativity, from costumes to baskets and everything … Continue reading


Airline Meal Mishloach Manot

Kids love to dress up as pilots and stewardesses. This easy to create Mishloach Manost will really “take off”! Using a Styrofoam tray, wrap up a delicious meal to go that puts any real airline meal to shame. This Mishloach Manot … Continue reading

Mishloach Manot

“Under Lock and Key” Mishloach Manot

I love this time of year when the Purim “buzz” is in the air! It seems that everyone is already searching for a great idea for Purim. Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some exciting ideas with … Continue reading