Hanukkah Party Setup

Photography by Dan Engongoro

Symmetry and bold color combine to give your Hanukkah spread balance, and absolute wow factor, and memories of miracles which transpired in those days, in this season .

From the understatement of unassuming children’s Menorahs,to the Peacock Feathers of a proud bird who struts his stuff, from edible place cards, to ribbons to appeal to Jews of all stripes, this is a table of welcome for family and friends.

It beacons, it charms, it enchants, and it promises to serve Hanukka delights in a way to ensure a delightful Hanukkah.

Arrange any combination of these open and airy Square Shelves to suit your requirements  and creativity.(They’re available in black ,white and wood tones).  Alternately, these shelves can be lined up against a wall as a striking backdrop for a buffet table.

Use the power of the flower to incorporate whatever hues you’d like to introduce to your décor .Little splashes of color,in improvised bloom holders wake things up, and shake things up. The focus will still remain on all things Hanukkah.

Combining color and a design element-such as these stripes of ribbon-give decorations a powerful punch .Cover your table with a solid color tablecloth and unroll ribbons…(crepe paper streamers  is an inexpensive alternative)

For  candleholders -use double-sided tape to attach streamers around glass.

Coin Napkin rings

Napkin rings that will literally cost you pennies to make……


  • Copper spray paint
  • Empty paper towel roll
  •  Shiny Pennies
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Spray paper towel roll with spray paint – allow to dry
  2. Cut into 1/2’’  rings
  3. Glue pennies on

(If you don’t want to use spray paint you can glue a ribbon around the ring instead.)

* Makes a cute gift too!

Cookie seating cards

  1. Use  your favorite sugar cookie recipe.
  2. For each seating card you will need to cut out 1-3” dreidel and  1-1×1 -1/2” rectangle of dough.
  3. After cookies are baked and decorated,use a toothpick to chisel a groove on the back of the dreidel in a 1”(horizontal  line in the center of the cookie.Lean the dreidel cookie on the short side of the recangle  cookie.I found that  with this method my cookies stood beautifully and did not require chocolate to stick them together .Voila! a dreidel that never falls!


This article by EstherO. originally appeared in Mishpacha Magazine.

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