english donuts

Crispy and Silky English Donuts

I was talking to my friend Rivky Manies, author of the cookbook “Recipes Unplugged”, a superb and handy recipe collection, that uses no machinery (other than an oven or stove top) and asked her about her favorite donut recipe; Rivky, was thrilled to share … Continue reading

Granola whole wheat brownies

Granola Whole Wheat Brownies

Photography by Dan Engongoro Here’s another fantastic Back to School recipe. This recipe is proof that you don’t have to sacrifice anything when it comes to sticking some healthy ingredients into your children’s snack bags. Yields 24 large brownies Granola … Continue reading

Whole Wheat Muffins by Esther O

Whole Wheat Muffins

Photos by Dan Engongoro It’s been quite a while since my last post…. I spend my summers as a craft director in an overnight camp, and just returned back to “civilization” a few days ago. And now the rush begins… … Continue reading

mishpacha esther april 2012 food

Carb Free Mini Vegetable Quiche

Photography by Dan Engongora These “glorified” omelets are a tasty alternative to the standard cheese omelet. There’s a little more preparation involved, but they are baked all at once in the oven as opposed to frying individually in the frying … Continue reading

mishpacha esther april 2012 food

Pancake Stacks

Photography by Dan Engongoro These adorable and tasty pancake stacks will take center stage at your breakfast table. Its thick batter, prevents any “running”, and keeps each pancake true to its form.  Of course this recipe can be used for … Continue reading