dried fruit

Dried Fruit Art

As a child, I always looked foward to our family Tu B’shvat party.I loved the tasty and colorful array of the many fruits my mother artfully displayed.   Fast forward to today where there is an even more extensive selection of … Continue reading

fall tree cookies

Fall Tree Cookies

As we are surrounded by fall’s beautiful foliage outside, how about bringing some color, creativity and fun indoors as well. Perfect for a long Sunday afternoon – you wont  be”leaf” how much your children will enjoy creating these “tree”ts. Supplies: … Continue reading


Tu B’shvat Dried Fruit Chocolate Clusters

I was totally convinced I had hit upon a brilliant idea… Why not combine the dried fruits with another fruit….. Chocolate! Well, after a little research I realized that chocolate is actually classified as a vegetable…. Oh well. The idea … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Fruity Trifle Spread

Photography by Dan Engongora Being that this Fruity Trifle Spread was from my first posts,I just wanted to make sure you dont miss out on it….the perfect salad for this Shabbat-Tu B’shvat! GO HORIZONTAL- Update your typical salad trifle by … Continue reading


Grape “Pineapple” Centerpiece

With Tu B’shvat just around the corner, here’s a fun idea the whole family can help prepare in honor of Tu B’shvat. With minimal preparation, you can create an original and eye catching centerpiece. Supplies One large bag of Grapes … Continue reading


Tu B’shvat Dried Fruit Tree

Every year when Tu B’shvat comes around I recall with fond memories,how each year ,my mother would decorate a plastic tree with dried fuits hanging from its “branches”.Though it was “just” a plastic tree, and not exactly the most chic presentation, to … Continue reading


Frozen Grapes On Skewers

Make this easy, sweet and healthy, refreshing treat which can be enjoyed by all. These are perfect for dessert, or anytime for a guilt free alternative to satisfy your “sweet tooth”    Place a few grapes on a large toothpick or … Continue reading


Watermelon Cake

Photography by Dan Engongora  This fruit “cake,” like the ones my mother always made for special occasions, will allow you to have your cake and eat it too! Supplies: 1 whole watermelon,oval shaped 2-3 kiwis 1 mango blueberries cantaloupe green … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Tri Color Fruit Trifle

Photography by Dan Engongoro These cool and refreshing, easy to make trifles will add color and pizaz to your sweet table (as long as they last- that is-whenever I make them they’re one of the first thing to go). Alternately, … Continue reading