Diamond Wrap Napkin Rings

To continue on my diamond wrap theme, let’s take a look at these simple, affordable, but magnificent napkin rings. I used these to spruce up my Shvout table, but I have used them on numerous more elegant occasions as well. … Continue reading


Diamond Wrapped Vases

I’m always on the lookout when I walk the aisles of Stitch ‘n Sew in Lakewood N.J. Whether it be leather, organza, vinyl, taffeta, ribbons, flowers, or tulle, there is always something that catches my eye to use to enhance … Continue reading


How to Keep Hydrangeas Fresh

I always loved having hydrangeas around, but they never seemed to last more than a day or two before they began to wither and wilt. Then a friend of mine showed me a  simple tip to keep these magnificient flowers looking fresh … Continue reading


Cupcake Flower Bouquet

All the flowers that grace your Shvuos table will surely be a delight to your eye, these will surely be a delight to you palette as well.  Create them at any level, simple or sophisticated; any way you make them … Continue reading


Shvuot Candy Bouquet

Last Shvuot, my friend Leah Schapira  invited me to be a guest blogger on Click here for the directions for the sweetest bunch of flowers yet! All it takes is a trip to the candy store, and let your creativity … Continue reading


Watermelon Flower Dessert

My friend Abbey, from  not 2 shabbey, is a creative genius. She has just kicked off a new and bold idea that will revolutionize crafting and decorating for the Jewish home. This month she began her bi-monthly online magazine called jCreate.  I am … Continue reading


Sefer Torah Franks ‘n Blanks

I have been making this kids favorite “Torah Treat” for many years in honor of Shavuot. No matter  how exquisite the other dishes on the table, this has always been a Shavuot (and Simchat Torah of course) highlight for my children. Aside from delicious, they’re simple enough … Continue reading


Sweet Torah Treats

Though this isn’t the most sophisticated idea, this simple, neat treat can be color coordinated and easily fill that extra cookie jar on your sweet table. Simply wrap a          2 ½” x 2 ¾” piece ofscrapbooking paper around 2 packages … Continue reading


Cake Pops

As mentioned on my January 13th post, I will be giving step by step instructions for some of the ideas I came up with using Gefen Dairy Free Wonder Melts for the Zichron Shlomo Refuah  Foodfest which took place this past … Continue reading


Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies

As mentioned on my January 13th post, I will be giving step by step instructions for some of the ideas I came up with using Gefen “Wonder Melts” for the Zichron Shlomo Refuah  Foodfest which took place this past Sunday … Continue reading