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Grilled Mini Peppers on Skewers

My guests were arriving and I still had not decided on a hot vegetable to be served with the main. Obviously, I did not have much time on my hands. Upon openening  the fridge, I spotted a bag of mini peppers I had just … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Fruity Trifle Spread

Photography by Dan Engongora Being that this Fruity Trifle Spread was from my first posts,I just wanted to make sure you dont miss out on it….the perfect salad for this Shabbat-Tu B’shvat! GO HORIZONTAL- Update your typical salad trifle by … Continue reading


Trader Joe’s Rainbow Salad

For years I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to convince the management of Trader Joe’s to open a store in my area. Well, until that happens, I’ll continue to benefit only from afar, as my mother-in-law always makes sure to bring … Continue reading


Roasted Asparagus with Crumbs

Photography by Dan Engongora This side dish has always been one of my favorites. It’s a nice change from the standard potato, pasta and rice sides. Though the picture and the ingredients call for asparagus, this recipe can be adapted … Continue reading


Cabbage Mango Salad

Photography by Dan Engongora Salad Ingredients : 1 bag green cabbage 1 mango diced 1 bunch scallions-chopped 2 tsp black sesame seeds Dressing: ¼ cup vinegar ¼ cup olive oil 2 T  sugar or xylitol 1 t lemon juice Salt/pepper … Continue reading


Endive Flower with Cucumber Salad

Photography by Dan Engongoro Israeli salad and cucumber salad are classic staples in any home.To create a special look try this simple, easy to create endive flower You will need: endives Israeli, or cucumber salad turnip Directions for Rose: Peel … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Tomato Butterflies

Photography by Dan Engongoro For each butterfly you will need: 1 slice of tomato  1 scallion(pre-checked) Directions: Slice tomato slice in half.  Place on plate so that the rounded side of tomato halves are touching each other. Starting from the center … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Tomato Tulips

Photography by Dan Engongoro  Place grape tomato, stem side up on a cutting board. Slice tomato down the center, but do not cut completely through. Slice the tomato again in the opposite direction,repeating step 2. You should now have 4 … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Tomato Rose

Photography by Dan Engongoro Directions:  Wash a bright red tomato for each tomato rose. Peel the tomato thinly with a sharp serrated knife,starting at the top and proceeding around  in a continuous circle.You will be left with a long strip,approximately 3/4″ … Continue reading

food ; mishpacha ester 11.2011

Tomato Vases

Photography by Dan Engongoro You will need: Campari tomatoes, plum tomatoes or tomatoes on the vine Radish sprouts or any curly lettuce Directions: Cut off a small piece of the stem side of the tomato to create a flat bottom. With … Continue reading