Blue Potato Flower

              Photography by Dan Engongora Blue potato flowers look beautiful on cauliflower butternut and yellow splitpea soups-make sure your soup is thick enough so that potatoes dont sink. Place blue potatoes in pot-cover with … Continue reading


Flower Puff

Photography by Dan Engongora These elegant puffs look great on butternut and yellow split pea soup. The design is easy but so stunning you’ll have people marveling at your talent! You will need: Prepackaged puff pastry Paprika Designer stencils 3″ … Continue reading


Two Tone Bread Skewer

Photography by Dan Engongoro These are great to compliment a hearty vegetable soup. With bread and soup, you have your whole meal in a beautifully arranged presentation! You will need: 5 lbs  challah dough, divided in half 1 T caramel coloring … Continue reading